To be honest, our founder Jack McGuire is wired a bit differently than most.  And we're not talking about handling baby alligators within spitting distance of their mothers, or that he's a self-described history geek whose idea of a good time is to look at globes and maps.

After being stranded in Manchester, England, he ended up spending his 30th birthday among strangers in an English karaoke bar - and loved it.  He challenged a 50 year-old Bolivian woman to a race up an Andean peak near Lake Titicaca (and lost).  During a snowstorm in Washington, DC, he once spent 40 straight hours in a makeshift command center until all his guests were either safely to their destinations, or successfully rebooked.

So yes, Jack marches to the beat of a different drum.   He's also passionate about travel and tourism, and for two decades has led groups around the world, from the Indian subcontinent to Latin America, Europe to the Far East, and countless places in between.  What Jack most enjoys is meeting new people, and whether they're celebrities or waitstaff, CEOs or cab drivers, he's always the same.  So while he does occasionally enjoy a relaxing day on a sunny beach, he prefers exploring a medieval town and getting to know its citizens over a meal.  While he does enjoy some luxuries, he opts for convenience and comfort over prestige every time.  And while there are iconic sites he enjoys seeing, he'd rather go off the beaten path to go where most tours don't.

Most of all, Jack believes that being of service to others is a noble endeavor, and strives to make sure that all his guests enjoy their experiences.

"I never use the word 'exclusive' in any of my tours," explains Jack.  "Yes, there will be special events or opportunities for my guests that are not available to the public at large, and I'm proud to offer them.  But I want my tours to bring people together, not set them apart.  So my tours focus on being 'inclusive,' both with amenities and the human touch.  I want my guests to have a rewarding experience that exceeds expectations, and that makes them want to tell their friends about it.  I don't aspire to be the biggest operator on the block, or command a certain market share.  My sole objective is to deliver the best experience on all of my journeys, and build my company's reputation for excellence and service one guest at a time."

Jack lives with his wife and two children just outside New Orleans, where he perseveres in futility to drop the weight he gained enjoying the cuisine of this incredible city.  When not operating tours, you'll likely find Jack doing an impression of a chauffeur with a minivan, transporting children to school, swim lessons, etc.  He's also an avid classical musician, reader and football fan.

You can contact Jack directly at  ‚Äč

Our Founder & CEO